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Coaster Buddy!™

How would you like to own one simple product that would make every aspect of your indoor and outdoor recreation that much more enjoyable? Well, that unique product is here.

Coaster Buddy™ is a unique multi-purpose coaster specially designed to stabilize your drinks on carpet, sand and grass. Its lightweight, convenient and stackable. Yes, you can bring this buddy everywhere! It allows you to enjoy any beverage on the carpet in your home while you relax by the fire, watch your favorite TV show, play board games with the family or have a party. But Coaster Buddy™ also stabilizes your drink when you're at the beach and play volleyball, frisbee, catch or just hang out by the water. And there will be no more annoying spills during yard games, sporting events, camping or picnics.

With Coaster Buddy™, drink stability will never be a problem again, no matter where you are.

Packaging by Gido Creative

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Picture of the Month

"Relaxing day at the beach with kids, cocktail and coasterbuddy.  NO spilling or messy, sandy bottle to worry about!" Heather & kids Oconomocow, WI.

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